Contract Claims Compliance

Construction contracts are becoming more and more stringent with respect to the procedures for notification and submission of claims for added costs and time.  In addition, the law is being applied more harshly against contractors and in favor of the strict interpretation of the contractual procedures and requirements.  As a result, legitimate claims for additional money and additional time are being lost due to the contractor’s failure to follow the requirements of its construction contract.  Benchmark’s unique experience and proactive approach to claims compliance management provides our clients with a competitive edge when faced with the rigorous requirements of today’s construction contracts.    

Benchmark’s contract claims compliance services include:

Interface with Project Personnel
Review and Analysis of Contract Documents
Summarizing Key Requirements and Contractual Deadlines
Tracking and Notification of Key Requirements and Contractual Deadlines
Direct Notification to Management as a Decision Making Tool
Additional Services as Needed

At Benchmark, we have significant experience in the claims arena and have long been an industry leader.  We use that experience to make sure that our clients not only understand the claims requirements contained in their construction contracts, but that they comply with those requirements as well.