Construction Claims

Addison adv. City of Henderson (represented Addison)
Addison v. Clark County School District – 5 Schools Modernization (represented Addison)
Addison v. Clark County School District – Burkholder M.S. (represented Addison)
Addison v. Clark County School District – Paradise School (represented Addison)
Addison v. Grinnell (represented Addison)
Addison v. Klaholz, Dunn & Scheehagen (represented Addison)
Addison v. State of Nevada (represented Addison)
Cal Wadsworth v. Nelson Construction (represented Nelson Construction/Granite RE)
Dinwiddie v. United Airlines (represented United Airlines)
Ford Contracting Inc. v. Berger Bros., Inc. (represented Ford Contracting, Inc.)
Ford Mechanical v. Addison (represented Addison)
H.A. Fabricators v. K.A.S. Construction (represented Imperial Plumbing)
ISEC, Inc. v. Aeroplate (represented ISEC)
LAX – SLR Modification Project (represented Preferred Ceilings)
Long Beach Justice Center (represented Continental Air)
Long Beach VA (represented Continental Air)
Matt Construction v. Longo Properties (represented Longo Properties)
Oakland USD v. Modtech Holdings, Inc. (represented Modtech Holdings)
PCL v. Dielco Crane (represented Dielco Crane)
Rowland Companies v. Skyline Church (represented Rowland Companies)
Sahara Hamrick v. CAMS & Raferty Construction (represented Molly Hamrick)
Santa Monica Replacement Hospital (represented Cal-State Rebar)
Santa Monica Replacement Hospital (represented ISEC., Inc.)
Southern Nevada Water Authority (represented Travelers)
UC Riverside (represented Continental Air)
Westwood Replacement Hospital (represented Preferred Ceilings)